Hi, this is Uday Chauhan !

I am a full stack developer with experience of more than 3 years who has worked in variety of applications. Primarily a Javascript developer who uses ReactJs and NodeJs as his fullstack development companion.

I have worked mostly in ecommerce and business related domain.

I have worked for a brief period as a Project Scientist too utilised my skills to perform rudimentary data engineering with Python.

I have also worked as a Java Developer and created Android application in the past.

Personally I am interested in backend development as I am attracted with the complexity and various technologies that are involved. It is super fun to create a system that works and does its job. Also, I have some knowledge in web application security which I share at here.

Skills and Years of Experience

  1. Javascript : 3+ years
  1. NodeJs and ReactJs : 3+ years
  1. Python : Rudimentary
  1. Java and Android App Development : 1 year
  1. Web Application Security and Pentesting : Beginner Level ( ~ 6 months )

Tools and Technologies

  1. Rest API and GraphQl
  1. MongoDB
  1. Redux
  1. Express
  1. Cheerio and Puppeteer
  1. Prisma and ParseServer SDK
  1. GCP and Firebase
  1. and much more .....


Other Experiences

  1. Frontend developer for Payment Gateway App
    1. Solo frontend developer
    1. Utilised React, Redux and GraphQl
    1. Created Dashboard, Profile Pages, Payment creation and information pages and much more...
  1. Java Developer in a game studio
    1. Worked with libgdx framework to create multiplatform games
    1. Android development surrounding notification and ad integration
  1. Android Developer
    1. Created a music player

Connect/Contact with me at : https://www.linkedin.com/in/udaychauhan/